Emergency Dentistry in El Monte, CA

Dental emergencies are often out of your control as they happen unexpectedly. Understand that modern dentistry is highly advanced and we have the skills, techniques, and resources to correct most dentistry-related accidents or emergencies. Our practice in El Monte regularly handles dental emergencies and will fix your teeth with care.

If you believe you have a serious emergency then schedule an appointment right now. Bella Dental will try to fit you in as earliest as possible. Schedule Your Appointment by calling 626.442.6115.

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Common Dental Emergencies We Address

Severe Toothaches

People that book appointments for toothaches are in pain that cannot be remedied with over-the-counter medication. If this describes you, then we urge you to stop reading and schedule an appointment with our dentist. Patients who complain of a severe toothache often have decay that has spread deep into the roots, requiring a root canal. However, the pain may be mistaken for very sensitive teeth.

Fillings or Crowns that Have Fallen Out

Modern dentistry offers viable, long-lasting restoration options for our teeth, but as durable as they are they still have a possibility of falling out unexpectedly most often due to trauma. Certain foods can pull loose fillings & crowns out of their socket such as caramel. Don’t panic, book an appointment to have it repaired & bring in what you have of the filling and/or crown to help our dentists.

Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Teeth

This usually occurs in accidents involving trauma of some sort such as car accidents, biking accidents, accidental trip and fall, etc.