Dental Implants in El Monte

Dental implants have made it possible for various individuals to replace their missing teeth. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are either placed or implanted into your jaw. A dental crown is used to cap the dental implant. What you get is a complete tooth that looks exactly like a real tooth.

Always turn to Dr. Singh’s Dental Office for your dental implants in El Monte. You are assured of getting high quality dental implants services. Your missing tooth will be replaced with a perfect match. We are known to offer top quality dental implant services to patients in El Monte, and surrounding environs. In case you will like to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or your whole teeth, Dr. Singh’s Dental Office can get it done, fast and effectively.

What Make You a Candidate for Dental Implants in El Monte?

Not everyone qualifies as a candidate for dental implants. On the other hand, a large amount of people are still able to undergo the procedure. For dental implants to be effectively placed into your jawbone, you must have an adequate amount of room and bone integrity. This will help to hold the implant in place.

At Dr. Singh’s Dental Office, we utilize advanced equipment, and innovative techniques for our dental implant procedures. We have been able to achieve a success rate as high as 98%. Our dental implants are very stable.

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The Process – What to Expect

Dental implants make take a little bit of time before finally fitting into your jawbone. We will plant a titanium post into your jawbone. This process is known as Osseointegration. This will help fuse the dental implant with the surrounding bone. This will help create a strong, robust bond.

Furthermore, before placing the dental crown, an abutment connector is placed onto the titanium implant. So as to make your tooth appear more real, the color of the dental crown will blend with the rest of your teeth.

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