Teeth Whitening in El Monte – How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are lots of benefits you stand to derive when you have clean, white set of teeth. Apart from the fact that it gives you confidence in the public, it can also win you your dream date or job. However, foods like coffee, wine, soda, dark berries, tobacco, and tea that we consume on a daily basis often make our teeth lose the natural white color.

Teeth Whitening in El Monte still offers you an incredible opportunity to get back the natural white color of your teeth. Hence, it is important that you visit a professional dentist for your Teeth Whitening in El Monte. For your Teeth Whitening in El Monte, Bella Dental is the perfect choice.

At Bella Dental, we work with highly qualified and well-experienced dentist. For several years now, we have been providing teeth whitening to the patients in El Monte, and nearby communities. As a top rated El Monte dentist, we are capable of providing a fast, and effective solutions to your stained or colored teeth.

Our Services – Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

Dr. Singh and his team of well experienced dental experts know how important it is for you to have a white set of teeth. Our aim is to help you achieve your natural white teeth once again. We are always ready to dedicate all available resources and ensure that your teeth become whiter, cleaner, and brighter. Bella Dental is always ready to help you improve your smile.

teeth whitening el monteOur well-experienced dentists are responsible for handling the teeth whitening procedure. In our teeth whitening procedure, high-concentration peroxide gel will be used to clean your teeth. Within a short period, you will definitely notice a noteworthy improvement in the color of your teeth. We are your dependable El Monte dentist to help your get your bright, white smile back.

Why Choose Bella Dental for Your Teeth Whitening in El Monte

Bella Dental is always ready to go the extra mile if that is what will make your teeth white once again. Dr. Singh and his team of well-trained dentists are always available to offer an effective solution to the stained, colored teeth that is causing you embarrassment.

Each and every one of the methods used for our Teeth Whitening in El Monte are fast, effective, and reliable. We have a high success rate in our Teeth whitening procedure. Bella Dental is guaranteed to make your teeth white.

Contact Us

At Bella Dental, we work with a team of professional El Monte dentist that are always ready to offer you first class dental care services. To know more about our top notch teeth whitening procedure, contact us today. Our dental care experts will be available to attend to respond to all your inquiries.

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Dental Exams and Overall Health

Dental Exams and Overall HealthYou may have seen the word dental examination, or dental exam for short, in one of our special offers, promotions, or just scouring the Internet. Many are confused as to the importance of what this routine procedure entails. It’s more than just seeing whether or not you require a dental filling – it’s a way for dentists to reveal insight into our overall health. After all, our oral health truly is connected to our overall health.

Here are 5 signs that may be revealed during a dental examination:

Pregnancy – it’s rare, but pregnant mothers may develop tiny red growths on their gums – commonly referred to as pregnancy tumors. Don’t be scared, however, because they are not dangerous. They generally only increase the mouth’s sensitivity. If you’re pregnant, always let your dentist know.

Anemia – if your gums are not looking like their normal, red color and are pale and pink instead, then this may point to anemia or a deficiency in iron. You may need to work with your medical doctor in restoring iron to healthy levels.

Diabetes – an abscess that occurs frequently near the roots of teeth are a common side effect of diabetes. It’s actually common for dentists to diagnose diabetes before medical doctors do because the abscesses typically bring patients in to a dentist’s office first.

Crohn’s Disease – sore red spots may be indicative of Crohn’s Disease or other autoimmune disorders. Also look for peculiar white spots that may lead to mouth painful ulcers of the mouth.

Heart Problems – there is no definitive link between heart problems and gum disease, but this is a topic that is being heavily studied because many theories exist. Controlling gum inflammation should always be a priority in dental health.

It’s important to understand that these 5 conditions are still able to manifest themselves in symptoms unrelated to our mouth. You should have yearly physicals and tests by your medical doctor to ensure you are free from any problems.

Dentists not only search for these five signs, but also screen for oral cancer during a dental examination as well. By doing your part through daily brushing and flossing, you can keep your oral health at bay, which in turn will better your overall health.

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5-Minute Daily Routine for Healthy Gums

Daily Routine for Healthy GumsYou exercise and watch your diet to help reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, and some cancers. Similarly, you should take proper care of your dental health to prevent gum disease and tooth loss later on.

It Takes Less than 5 Minutes Per Day to Improve Gum Health

Fortunately, it takes less than 5 minutes a day to maintain/improve your oral health. Dentists and dental hygienists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Flossing is just as important in order to remove food particles between teeth that may form plaque and tartar.

Proper brushing and flossing will give you a brighter smile by improving the health of your teeth and gums.

So, why should you pay special attention to your gums?

Taking good care of your gums helps to prevent gum disease, which is an annoying infection that affects your teeth and the surrounding tissue. Gum disease usually goes undetected for a long time because it does not cause any pain, at least until other symptoms become apparent, including:

  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Receding gums exposing the roots of your teeth
  • Loose teeth

When gum disease is not treated promptly, it leads to an advanced condition called periodontitis that can result in swollen gum tissue and lose of hard tissue that ultimately causes tooth loss.

But the worst outcome of untreated gum disease is not limited to tooth loss. Health studies have revealed that periodontitis is a risk factor for several serious health conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke and heart disease
  • Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases
  • Premature, low birth weight delivery

For people with gum disease, simple activities like chewing hard foods or even brushing the teeth can injure gum tissue, allowing bacteria in the mouth to get into the bloodstream. When these bacteria travel to your body organs, they potentially aggravate existing or cause other types of health problems.

How to Improve Your Gum Health

Health organizations estimate that as many as 75 percent of adults over the age of 30 suffer some degree of gum disease.

Gum-related problems start when poor oral hygiene causes bacteria called plaque to form on the tooth surface. Over time, the buildup of plaque collects at the gum line and hardens to form tartar, which then initiates the symptoms of gum disease.

To prevent gum disease, you should follow these tips after flossing:

  • Brush your teeth at a 45 degree angle towards the gum line
  • Use short strokes, moving the brush back and forth to brush both the front and back of teeth and gums
  • Use the tip of the brush to clean the top and bottom of teeth
  • Always remember to brush your tongue to keep your mouth fresh

Finally, keep your dental appointments for dental checkups and professional cleanings to remove harmful tartar.

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