Foods That Will Improve Oral Health

improve oral health

What you put in to your body will certainly affect not only your general health, but oral health too. We normally stress the importance of limiting sugar intake as it can directly affect the condition of your teeth and gums. This time, your El Monte Dentist want to stress the importance of eating certain foods that have been found to directly aid in improving oral health.

Foods That Fight Mouth Bacteria & Improve Oral Health

Dairy Foods

Before you dive into that block of cheese, hear us out. Dairy products are good for oral health because they effectively reduce the acid in your mouth. It’s worth noting the sugars found in milk do not contribute to tooth decay either.

Should you begin eating dairy all of the time? Absolutely not, because it may still impact your overall health and raise cholesterol levels. However, a glass of milk in the morning with breakfast way be a wise choice.

Crunchy Vegetables

The keyword here is “crunchy”. Think, celery and carrots for example. Crunchy foods stimulate saliva production, which is very important in managing the bacteria in the mouth. We recommend investing in small pouches of carrots that can be taken on the go as a snack. Satisfies hunger, is very healthy, and helps out your mouth!


They might make you cry, but raw onions have been shown to have promising results in being an antibacterial powerhouse. Researchers found that raw onions can eliminate bad strains of bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. The key here is raw though – but onions can be added to many foods!


They may be one of the fatty options in the nut department, but their oils contain bacteria fighting properties that assist in keeping tooth decay at bay. Just be sure to consume in moderation.

Water is BEST.

No matter what foods you consume, the absolute best habit to adopt is drinking water. Many of us are accustomed to flavored drinks and sodas. But the best thing you can do for your body and your oral health is to make the switch to drinking water.

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