Are Dental Fillings Painful?

Dental fillings el monte

Dental fillings offer painless and effective way to restore the natural function and feel of your teeth.  Find out what getting dental fillings feel like.

If your teeth are damaged by decay, the best way to restore them back to their natural function is through dental fillings.

There are three main types of dental fillings that dentists use to restore your teeth:

Amalgam Fillings

These are dental fillings made of a combination of silver, tin, zinc, copper mercury and copper. They are strong and can withstand forces of chewing and biting. Amalgam fillings cost much less compared to other fillings and are mostly used for fillings in back teeth.

Composite resin

This is a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. They can be fitted n your teeth either directly or indirectly. Composite resins are also referred to as tooth-colored fillings. They are specially designed to match the color of your teeth making the fillings less noticeable. They bond strongly making your tooth stronger than with amalgam fillings.


Porcelain fillings are more resistant to staining and abrasion that composite resins. They are being used for dental implants, veneers, crowns and orthodontic brackets. Porcelain fillings can last more than seven years.

What happens during dental fillings?

The first step in dental filling procedure involves being given local anesthesia to numb the area around your tooth. This ensures the whole procedure is painless and comfortable.

The next involves tooth decay removal.  The dentist cuts through the enamel using a drill to remove any tooth decay then shapes the space to ready it for dental fillings.

Before placing the filling, the dentist etches the tooth with specialized gel to ensure the filling bonds firmly on your tooth.  For composite filings, the dentist applies a layer of resin and hardens it using a bright light to make it strong.

The last step required polishing your tooth to make sure it resembles your other teeth both in function and look.

Congratulations! you’re done.  Getting dental fillings is that painless and simple. After the procedure, you’ll be happy knowing that you’ve restored your teeth to their natural look.

Quality Dental Fillings Dentist El Monte

If you’re contemplating getting dental filling to restore the function and integrity of your teeth then come to Bella Dental for the best quality treatment. During your free consultation, our dentist will examine your tooth decay and help you decide which type of dental filling option is right for you.

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